Joseph Bernard


I feel it is easy to just call myself an artist.  What I do and have done are all a part of what I create and have given me experiences that lead me to places I never would have dreamed.  I spent several wonderful years teaching in Africa and learned about the World and animals.  I was chased by hippos, came face to face with elephants on foot and tricked baboons. 

I now have the pleasure of calling the Caribbean home and it is as different and exotic to my previous life as my previous life was to growing up in the South.  On the islands my experiences have gone from the joy of seeing a tree heavy with parrots  to the anguish of finding a lion fish in a lobster hole.  It is all just a part of the trip and the price of admission.  It has all brought more out of me and hopefully added to the work I love to share.

Contemporary Wildlife Art